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As for anything, history, civilizations, societies, beliefs, and even on the internet, there will be always be myths that people generally believe in even if it is false. That’s just how it goes, but for those who know better, it is our task to dissuade that notion.

Backlinks Leak Out
This is a very famous one wherein we are given the ‘bucket of water’ analogy. Most people would think of their page as a bucket, with backlinks filling it up with water and those linking out as holes. This is not proven and is most likely false.

PR does not matter as every other page is 0 anyways
Every new page would have a PR 0 as it has not been there very long. But this page actually has a hidden PR relative to the PR of the main page.

It does not matter if comments are Do Follow or No Follow
Whether you like it or not, only Do Follow links will have link juice and count for Page Rank when crawled by Google. Having more Do Follow links of a particular keyword would mean that you can rank for that keyword and get searched by a lot of people.

No Follow Comments are No Use
Even if they don’t give link juice, they are also important for natural link distribution, interaction, branding, and backlinks.

You can Make Money Online Fast
Nope, not true, sometimes it may even take years before you can get a substantial amount of earnings through the internet. It may even take longer if you don’t know what you are doing.

You can only get in the keyword search if the word is in your text
George Bush’s profile comes out in a search query “miserable failure”, which is obviously not part of the article.

Talking about as many topics as possible would get you more readers
Having a wider scope does not guarantee more readership. In fact, people might think that you are not specialized and go somewhere else that only talks about a particular niche. Some people may also be discouraged to subscribe seeing as they don’t like all the topics you tackle in your site. If you have more than one thing to talk about, get another site.

You should write everyday
Actually, chances are, people only check out other blogs maybe once or twice a week if they are not busy, and chances are they will only read the latest post. If they do read other posts, they might get tired easily. Save your best article on best days, maybe at the start of the week.

You should write short posts only
If you have something to say then there is nothing wrong with long posts, just make sure that it is engaging, in list form, or has images. Most of the time people don’t like long posts cut into itty bitty continuation parts, if you can say it in one go then why not. What you SHOULDN’T do is write a lengthy paragraph that circles around and leads nowhere.

I’ll update this when I can. Inputs are appreciated :]