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*I have nothing against the blogger personally; it’s just about his view on “not blogging about blogging” and how I completely disagree. I was supposed to post these points in the comments section, but I’m afraid my rants might overtake the post entirely.

He basically said that you should not blog about blogging or other popular niches because it is already overcrowded, and you would not have a chance to shine if you did. I have written a response based on his post below.

Why You Should Blog about Blogging

Could you imagine what would have happened if I listened to that post? Inzone Internet would have never been born! My ego would have been so deflated that I would have tried to force myself into another niche entirely.

You know what posts like these do? They squander talent. You think Seth Godin started out big? No. He started mediocre, a complete nobody, just like the rest of us underclass citizens.

If you really like to blog about blogging then why the heck not? Chances are, if you really like what you do then you’ll be passionate about it, and if you are passionate about it then you will become something. And if not, then at least you took a shot, and not let some other blogger (who blogs about blogging and is nothing next to Seth Godin) tell you what to do.

This blogger should make it clear that this “rule” should only be applicable to those whose sole purpose of blogging is money, instead of having people also benefit from their blog. In this case, they shouldn’t blog about anything at all (unique or not), to contribute to the pollution of the blogosphere.

In the comments section some people have brought up that he in fact blogs about blogging, and this can be seen as pretty ironic, especially since he explicitly gave advice not to do just that. With all due respect, I think it’s quite hypocritical of him, especially since he is exactly like one of the many of us who writes in a popular niche, and part of the new blogging flock like you and me. He says that he is doing that to lead by example, which I do not get. If he is leading by example, then shouldn’t everyone blog about blogging? To lead by example, you should practice what you preach.

You may not reach the top but at least you love what you do (you do, right?), that’s the most important part to consider if you should blog about blogging, and not because it is a popular niche. It’s not just about blogging either (he is attacking almost 90% of all blogs really), you can have a Make Money Online Blog, Travel Blog, Entertainment Blog, Fashion Blog, Political Opinion Blog, Fertilizer Disinfectant Blog, Cockroach Squishing Enthusiast Blog, Atom Fusion Energy Ray Goes Kapow Blog, Icky Zombie Monster Attacks Grandma RAWR Blog, Black Hole Transports Alien to Another Outer Worldly Dimension Altogether Blog, etc etc etc— and that’s more than okay; just make sure you know what you are talking about. What is wrong is to blog about a fresh new topic just to get on top, even if you don’t really like it; that venture is bound to fail.

I think I understand why posts such as this one come out. Lots of bloggers know that this is a much sought after topic. You don’t need to read a Travel Blog to make a Fashion blog, but you HAVE to read a Blogging Blog. (Some people might disagree, but trust me, if you want to be successful, you have to.)

But to tell newbie bloggers not to blog about blogging just because it is overcrowded is plain wrong, even selfish. If the little guy has something to say, then hell, let him speak. There is plenty of room for everyone who has something useful to contribute. The best of the Big Players would know that they can also pick up a thing or two from these fresh new guys. Where would Mark Zuckerberg be now if someone told him (and he listened) that he can’t make facebook work simply because MySpace or friendster was already there as Social Media platforms? Isn’t those two earlier dudes copying from facebook now?

The worst that can happen is that he will not get much traffic, but at least you gave him a shot. What if his blog turns out to be the next Problogger?

Give the little kid something to strive for. He is not on top now but ANYTHING is possible with enough dedication and passion, I’d like to believe that. That’s what plowed the way of Problogger to success in the first place, and you know what, Darren Rowse started with a PR 0, just like the rest of us.

Even if you are just a small voice in the blogging community, you are still a part of it. At least you are representing something you feel strongly about, be proud of that.